Finland Deep Learning workshop, 5 - 6 June 2018 01 -

Finland Deep Learning workshop delivered a 2-day hands-on technical workshop on Deep Learning to some bright minds in Finland. These were from various industry and government areas such as manufacturing, telecom, defense, healthcare and more.

University of Texas, Dallas 18 - 22 May 2018 02 -

University of Texas, Dallas

In this lecture we discussed the newly released capsule network by Geoffrey Hinton and his co-authors. Capsule networks is the new and shiny neural network architecture that is challenging CNN, currently the king of the hill in computer vision.

ICSE Gothenburg, Sweden was proud to have been both program committee member and presenter at SEC4COG workshop of our breakthrough neuroscience research paper during the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering, May 27 – 3 June 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Previous events Hamburg was invited to deliver a talk at, a community driven AI Conference setup by Rico Meihl and his associates.

Berlin Bioinformatics Hackathon

This was a great event organised by a few prominent universities in Berlin, Germany (Humboldt University, Charite, FreiUniversitait)